Hello, I'm starting a Fan Fiction. I am a fan of Chris Brown so i thought it would be fun to do one. This has nothing to do with Marvin's Room or other stories. It's created 100% by me. This is for #TeamBreezy Only. Leave me ideas and your opinions. Thank You. And if you wanna know my personal tumblr , just ask <3
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So guys,

should i post another chapter? or stop this story?

Team Breezy!

New story , spread the word and send in ideas !



myrawuvscb: Ok, love this story, and if u did make a new one im pretty sure i would love that one too, but this one is great, glad ur still gonna write it

thank you so much [:

my computer…

charger broke so idk when i can update but ima try to post a chapter today. please bare with me.

Anonymous: (continued..) Brooke becomes distant but they still love each other. One day they make up and they fuck in his dressing room and in walks Dre. Andre pops up at one of the shows and trys to kidnap Brooke or something.. idk lol... PLEASE do not make her become pregnant just yet.. That's if you decide to impregnate her. Wait until things gets better between Chris & Brooke w/ an engagement. again these are just ideas? i hope this helps :x

hahaha ohh shit , it helps [:

Anonymous: PLEASE don't stop writing! I'm a new reader and I'll give you my thoughts on what you should do with the story. If you don't like it thats cool they're JUST suggestions :) Gui and Honey start messing around he catches feelings for her, she fucks all of CBE. Chris gets jealous at first but finds out about her. Make Kae and Seiko come back into the story and have Kae and Honey fighting. Make Honey know Andre(one of his hoe's) and that Dre sent her to start some shit between Chris & Brooke

fortune-fame: Noooooooooooo :( I like this dnt stop

le sigh, fine. ill just do two stories at once [:

myrawuvscb: In the new story, do u have any clue who the characters will be.? Will they be the same.? Or different characters

diffeerent ones , but i think imaa continue this one and do the other one..ill post the link up.


i think ima stop writing this story and make a new one because i really don’t know where this one is going and no one is really giving me some input so yeah , if i don’t have input by saturday this is gonna be gone.


Go read and tell me what should happen next. It’s short but i’m having a writers block, i need some input (: